FOR SALE - WE0G #hamradio #antenna

Denise Haye

The following items remain from the estate of WE0G.   I'm including a suggested price but will consider any reasonable offer.  Also including pictures of some items.  If you have questions you can call me at 816-674-9411 or email: denisehaye@....
  1. Jetstream JT220m 50-W mobile radio ($75) 
  2. Hamlink USB to Serial Cable with db-9 to db-25 and b3-d3-9f adapter ($5)
  3. Kutsumi Mic Compressor MC-702S ($30)
  4. TenTec 10m-2m Transverter 1210 ($20)
  5. Kenpro KR-400 Azimuth Controller ($75)
  6. MFJ Artificial Ground MFJ-931 ($30)
  7. Yaesu Elevation-Azimoth Dual Controller G-5400B, rotor with Yaesu Computer Controller GS232 ($300)
  8. AMSAT Amode J Dense Filter ($5)
  9. IMD Meter by KK7ug ($5)
  10. Heathkit Electronic Keyer HD-1410 (volume knob missing) ($20)  SOLD
  11. MFJ 4225 MV Switching Power Supply ($75)
  12. Heathkit SK101 12 vdc 3Amp Power Supply ($75)
  13. Trio SSB Crystal Filter YK-88SN ($5)   SOLD
  14. ICOM FL-100 CW Narrow Filter ($5)   SOLD
  15. Yaesu Musen FT101B SSB Transceiver ($200) *Heavy!
  16. Yaesu Musen Yo-100 Monitor Scope ($75)
  17. RadioShack VHF/UHF Aircraft Desktop Scanner 200 channel Pro-2018 ($50)
  18. RadioShack Pro-136 Scanner/Receiver ($30)
  19. Realistic Hyperscan 400 Channel Pro-2006 ($50)
  20. Antenna 23cm base station Hustler GY-220 Omni Directional (NEW) ($75)   SOLD
  21. Antenna 23cm base station Diamond F1230 (NEW) ($75)
  22. Antenna Comet C58-790 Super Beam 2m/70cm mobile ($25)    SOLD
  23. Antenna Antennex FG9026 (NEW) ($40)

Jason - WV3V

Hi Denise,

I’m  interested in the Heathkit Keyer, if
you still have that. Maybe we can get Larry to get it from you and ship it or if you have time to
do it? I’ll pay for shipping too.

Jason Wv3v