Share your Shack! #vhf #hf #ham #shack #radios

Jason - WV3V

Howdy Gang,

Here is a neat way to show off your shack. Let's get everyone to "Share Your Shack". Granted, some are pretty well put together, and others are just a vhf or uhf radio, maybe a handheld, no worries! That's the fun of the hobby. 
Here is your chance to "Show me" what you've got. I'll start. Here is my messy, modest shack in a corner. 

I'm running a Kenwood TS-50, with 10 watts, into a Butternut HF6V.  I'm using the Vectronics tuner and the Astron RS-35A power supply. Currently I'm running FT-8 with the signal link and a Raspberry Pi 4 with the KM4ACK Build-a-Pi image. 
Current straight key of choice is the Nye Straight Key, with the J-37 as my trusty old key. For the VHF/UHF side of things, I am using an Anytone 878, mobile as a base. I am also using another Raspberry Pi 3b for the Noaa Satellite birds, Automatic Picture Transmissions. 

Let's see those pics everyone!

Jason 73's