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Jason - WV3V

Howdy Gang,

Just recently I was scanning the airwaves and came across some fellow hams discussing and talking about GMRS or the General Mobile Radio Service. According to the FCC, GMRS is defined as;

"The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz. The most common use of GMRS channels is for short-distance, two-way voice communications using hand-held radios, mobile radios and repeater systems."

 So with this being said, I delved a little bit down the rabbit hole and found that we have more than our fair share of GMRS repeaters here in the Las Vegas valley. In looking into a bit further, there is nothing to study, no test to take, and a variety of radios will tune to that area of the 70cm band. So I decided to get my GMRS license. The cost for a license is a bit high, $70, but it's a 10 year license and one license can support/cover the whole family. I'll let that sink in for a minute...

Yes, the whole family can get on the air with one license, for a nominal cost for 10 years. I have a Baofeng UV5r, (it was free from Amazon, don't ask). And sure enough, it works just fine at the qth. I also have my Anytone's programed with the local repeaters for GMRS, and monitor them as well. Granted, this might be a short-range communications aspect, but it could give someone who isn't into ham radio just yet, the necessary entry way to get started into it. Repeaters are about the same cost as amateur repeaters so there is some investment there but something to think about. 

For my family, I may begin to set them up with a spare radio and charged battery for that emergency situation and train them when the need arises to use them. Something to consider.

73's Jason - WV3V 

Ken Brannan <kenbrannan@...>

Hello Everybody,

I have had my GMRS license for nearly 20 years. I would like to put up a repeater here in the county somewhere.
I wonder where there might be a great place for one to be installed? Hint, hint?

There are several GMRS repeaters here in the Kansas City Metro and I know several hams that use it. I think 
it is a great asset. You can stay in touch with family and friends with a very relaxed environment. Just like Jason
pointed out - one callsign per family and only one person has to use the callsign. Makes it easy for families with
children. Only one adult would have to announce the callsign at the legal interval of 15 minutes.

If anyone has any questions about GMRS I just might know the answer. 73 all...

Ken Brannan
Johnson County, MO ARES
Johnson County, MO EMA Volunteer