Another Mag Loop Project #hf #hamradio #magloop #antenna

Jason - WV3V

Howdy Gang,

I was getting a bit fidgety to make another mag loop antenna and wanted to try to make one of a bicycle rim. The rim was 26” in diameter, and should work with 20-10M. I made a very simple coupling loop and was able to test it out today. I made three contacts with it, 2 to IL and 1 to IN. My power output was max 15 watts as I was trying to use it for qrp. But the bands were rough and lots of QSB. 


Kenny K0BCF

Nice Job Jason. I like it.

Jason - WV3V

Thanks Kenny. Pretty simple to make and quickly get on the air. Definitely a fun little project.


Larry Vandivier W9XE

You didn't waste any time getting this built.  Looks good Jason...
Larry Vandivier
Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club, Inc.