Yes, another Antenna and this works. #antenna #diy

Jason - WV3V - Las Vegas, NV.

Howdy All, 

After the Las Vegas clubs last meeting in December, I found myself thinking about another antenna project.  I know what you're thinking, "This guy must have a ton of time on his hands?" That's farest from the truth I am sorry to say, but I like tinkering.

I was talking to one of the members, KJ7JAF (?), not sure if that's right or not, but he was discussing an antenna he wanted to put together, called the W3EDP antenna.

After discussing with him about the antenna, I had to look it up. It is a Zepp antenna, EFHW that is cut to 84', with 64' of radiator and the remaining 17' of 450 ohm ladder line. One leg of the ladder line is not connected to anything and acts as the ground. This might look familiar as it is a J-Pole like antenna. It is very simple to build and I made it in about 20 minutes or so. I used 14AWG for the radiator, and typical 450 ohm ladder line. I also used some heat shrink to cover the exposed wires and finally banana plugs for the ends. 

Initial tests were very promising and my goal was to use this for the LNR QRP Mountain topper 4b. I wanted to use this on the following bands; 20,30,40 meters. One additional piece of kit that is need is a 4:1 balun to reduce the impedance to an acceptable level for the rig. 
I didn't have one but used a Emtec ZM-2 QRP tuner. My SWR on 20M was 1.2:1. On 30M it was 1.2-1.3:1 and on 40M it jumped to 2:1. All with minimal tuning of the tuner. I had the antenna stretched out on the road in front of my house, going up on a 40' mast, attached to the truck.  I was sitting in the dark down the street with my rig in my lap, playing radio. (Yes, my neighbors think I'm weird for sure). 

Overall, i was quite impressed with the SWR and the quality of the build. I plan on making another one but with 22 or 26 AWG stealth wire. 

I tested this antenna yesterday (01/09/2022) at the POTA site, K-0464 Ash Meadows. It went up without a hitch, but this time only to the 19' height, as I didn't have the bigger mast with me. SWR again was low and I was making contacts. 
Further testing will continue and I will keep everyone posted on the results. Maybe the next test will be on the different bands. 

SIDE NOTE: I was also using the G90 with 15 watts for the activation (SSB) and then the LNR MTR-4B with 4 watts and made some good contacts. 

73 for now, WV3V. Jason 

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