Meteorites and RF? #cw #hamradio #ssb #pota #parksontheair

Jason - WV3V

Meteorites and RF?
Thanks to all the hunters today while I was out at K-0464, Ash Meadows Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. Prior to activating the park, I went on a little meteorite hunt outside of Pahrump, NV. A great way to start the new year with 5 little Stewart Valley Meteorites. Yes, I find them and keep them, they are pretty cool.
After meteorite hunting the into the early afternoon, I hit up Ash Meadows for a park activation. I was using the G90 with 15 watts, ZM2 tuner, a 12v6ahr bioenno battery, and a W3EDP End Fed Zepp up at 19 ft. Everything was going fine, until the battery died at contact number 10. I was on a very tight time crunch, since it was almost 00Z. I quickly switched to the LNR MTR-4b and finished out the activation with 4 CW contacts. a win-win for the MTR and the activation.
Thank you to all the chasers and those I could pick out of the pile up.
#POTA #MTR #CW #SSB #hamradio #parksontheair #QRP

73 Jason - WV3V

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