Another day, another antenna project #hf #antenna #diy #lowpower #sota

Jason - WV3V - Las Vegas, NV.

Howdy Gang, 

I guess I am making up for lost time in the hobby, and from a hiatus of years past by constructing another antenna. This one can be a POTA/SOTA antenna or even a base station antenna but its for qrp work as it stands .

Today I put together a 49:1, EFHW antenna. This is similar in construction to KK6USY’s antenna build on Youtube. I had everything on hand and just needed to  wire it up and solder it together. 

The antenna is for 40m, with a wire length of about 66.5’. I plan on testing with the vna later
today or tomorrow, and will report the results. 

As a parts list: Banana plug-BNC (male) adapter, ring terminals, 100pf 1KV capacitor, a T50-43 toroid, I used 22 awg magnet wire but you could use 24, 26, or 28 as it calls for that, wire cutters, solder station and solder, 26awg stealth wire for the radiator. 

i pretty much followed the video and got it together.

I’ll keep everyone posted as to the performance and testing. 

73, Jason

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