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The Volley & Bayonet rules were written and developed by Frank Chadwick and Greg Novak and first published in 1994. A second edition, “Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory”, was released in 2008. Like the first edition “Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory” is a miniatures rules system designed to model warfare in the period from 1700 to 1890. 

The rules allow players to refight the major battles of the period, placing the player in the role of the corps or army commander. In addition the use of period specific rules allows one basic set of rules to be used for armies from several periods while retaining the feel of the specific period. A description of the rules can be found here.

This mailing list is designed to support the Volley & Bayonet community. We encourage you to actively participate. Feel free to ask questions on the rules, organising armies, existing scenarios or new scenarios. If you have some historical aspects of the period you would like to discuss please feel free to. We would also like to hear of your projects or, of course, your most recent Volley & Bayonet game.

In addition to this mailing list the Volley & Bayonet community is well served by other resources. These include a range of offical scenario books which convert many of the famous battles of the period into Volley & Bayonet. From the Seven Years War to Napoleonic and American Civil Wars many battles are covered. In addition the Volley & Bayonet Website, provides additional for scenarios, resources, game reports while linking to other player’s sites. Finally, there is also the complimentary Volley & Bayonet Facebook Group, a discussion group for the Facebook user community.

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