Umbilical Pain and Pancreatic Cancer

Heather McWilliams

I have a close friend with pancreatic cancer who had exploratory laparoscopic surgery and would like for me to work on her because she has umbilical pain.  I am reluctant to work on her because of her cancer diagnosis.  She is currently receiving chemo and will have half her pancreas removed in 6 weeks followed by another few months of chemo.  I am thinking I should make her wait until she is done with all her chemo. However, if it is safe to address her pain, I would like to help her.  I have already treated her with craniosacral and that was helpful for her headaches and neck pain. She did have no cancer cells in a wash of her abdominal cavity and has no metastasis.  I would appreciate any opinions.  I have taken all of the VM courses 1-6, with some repeats and taken Listening 1.  Kind Regards, Heather McWilliams, PT