Repair (w/ mesh) of abdominal fascia like 'wet tissue paper' not possible in abdominal hernia

Dr. David Miller ND

Hi there, 

I have an old patient (75 yo F) whose surgeon didn't go through with the surgical mesh due to the fascia being like wet tissue paper. 

She wants visceral manipulation (we have done this in the past with some success) -- she is aware that this is not a situation I see on a regular basis and is in enough discomfort that she wants to go through with it. She says that her 'abdomen is concave on the right side, my organs are all pushed over to the left side where they bulge out'.

She wears a body binder when she is out. 

My question to you experienced clinicians is regarding any safety or efficacy tips -- do you have any experience or insight?

Thank you for any advice you have.

David Miller ND

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