Re: Client with excessive belching


The case you described sounds just like a patient that started with me recently. He developed severe belching especially at night after a bout with COVID. I am a nutritionist and physical therapist so he came to me for help with the belching. I had a hunch that he may have a microbiome dysbiosis situation, specifically SIBO. COVID may have damaged his enteric nervous system contributing to a dysfunctional migrating motor complex in which the small intestine wasn't able to produce its normal sweeping peristaltic wave. I did a VM assessment and there are things to work on which is no surprise. I sent him home to implement a low FODMAP which I use diagnostically and for symptom relief. Sure enough his belching had resolved. He also had to go on a course of antibiotics for a tooth procedure which made him feel even better. Next steps he will complete a SIBO breath test to identify what gas is produced and I will have him start an herbal antimicrobial protocol and then we'll work on expanding his diet. I'll be working with VM techniques along the way to help with mobility. I hope this helps!
Karin Michalk, MS PT CN CNS

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