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Winnie Tsu

Hi Lynnea,

Of course do your addition to what your listening finds....I find.  

The phrenic nerve is great to work on.  Lately I have been adding phrenic nerve induction along with the pleura, mediastinum, capsule of liver, abdominal peritoneum.  (as the phrenic nerve gives branches to these areas)
When the phrenic nerve irritates the diaphragm, the diaphragm can then irritate lumbar nerve L2-4.....contributing to the leg symptoms.  So with your skills you could work on the pleura, mediastinum and abdominal peritoneum
-don't forget the musculoskeletal system - make sure oa jt, aa jt have mobility so then c3-C5 don't get aggravated

Vagus nerve is also very helpful as well I find.  If you aren't trained in this, you could release suboccipitals, scm and traps(accessory nerve exits through jugular foramen where vagus nerve exits),esophagus - vagus nerve travels along this, diaphragm, greater omentum and stomach together(this gets pulled up with the vagus nerve)  and the emotional field.


On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 4:11 PM Lynnea Aponte <thrivefamilymassage@...> wrote:
Hello all, I have been working with a client who was referred to me by a GI doc for an undiagnosed condition where she experiences daily bouts of uncontrollable belching. It began in 1/21, incidentally two days after her second COVID vaccination. She does have history of IBS and hiatal hernia (which was treated and is no longer acute). She states it started simultaneously with unprovoked muscular pain centered on the right side of pubic bone and extending up towards ribs and down towards medial knee; this pain has subsided but belching has worsened.She has seen and is seeing every imaginable provider for this condition over the past year to no avail. 

In our first session, the slightest pressure over left ribs 6-8 by the sternal joints triggered the belching event. Belching generally occurs during the night if she needs to get up, right before waking, and sometimes after meals, regardless of type of food. She is very sensitive to food and eats very clean and carefully. Can last up to a couple of hours.

Since then, the belching continues, but is less forceful. Pressure on the left lower ribs is no longer an issue. In our last session, listening was focused around the right side of the manubrium and hyoid. Was working here and around right SCM and triggered a less intense belching event. 

I'm feeling drawn to the idea that this could be neural dysfunction, and some providers have hinted at this without solution. I am not sure or experienced enough to know if it has a vagus or perhaps phrenic origin. 

Does anyone have experience with a similar condition to give insight on where to go from here?

Lynnea Aponte LMT

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