Tremors and double knee to chest stretch


Hi VMies!
I had an interesting eval and was wondering if anyone has ever seen this before. (Get ready for a Sophia on Golden Girls plot line introduction.)
Picture it, Sequim, September 22nd. I'm evaluating a pt using all of my good VM techniques, you know; general and then local listening, followed by extended listening on a 40 yo female having tremors and seizures x 2 years ago, insidious onset. When she tells me the tremors reduce when she pulls her knees to her chest. And she pulled her knees in for a DKTC stretch and the tremors did reduce!
From a parasympathetic standpoint this makes sense, but I've never heard of this or seen it before. Have any of you?

She is waiting to get into a neurologist (that was my immediate recommendation as soon as I walked in the door - don't worry). PMH: Sx's started around the time of her dad's death. She has velocardiofacial syndrome, velopharyngeal insufficiency, pharyngoplasty, and expansion sphincteroplasty on her throat, and multiple ear sx's in her youth. GL took me short, L, ant. LL to the internal carotid with EL all the way up the the circle of Willis. CST rhythm is atypical from the thoracic inlet up (didn't check lower). NM vertex listening took me to the dura in the L temporal area near the sphenoid border and carotid canal. I Rx'd using induction to the internal carotid at the neck level and using intraoral positioning to access the cranial portion (this is not something I have seen before but it was pulling me in and it worked really good). Balanced CST rhythm from the thoracic inlet up, and did a dural release using NM technique to the L inferior temporal dura. Tremors completely stopped when balancing the hyoid/temporal/sphenoid areas and first engaging with the carotid, but only temporarily.

I am not expecting to fix this person overnight, or fully, or even at all, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I'm mostly wondering if anyone has seen this DKTC release for tremors before. I'm wondering if it can help them get to the bottom of this. Ron please delete if the question is not related directly to VM or if the Golden Girls reference is just too much :-)

Thanks a bunch,
Nicole Stevens
VM1-6, LT1, NM1, CST1

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