locked This mailing list and the VCC site - quoting #Virtual_Con_Con_Issues

Jay Kusnetz

I wanted to have the website be a hub of information.
The live meetings are one way of getting people to talk about issues and work out solution, but that is synchronous. 
I thought a good asynchronous solution would be using BuddyBoss as the main engine of the website, so that discussions could happen on the website. This did not seem to work out, as the way it is set up there is too much friction, not enough features. 
So this mailing list was set up.
Problem is that the discussions and info are now separate from the website. 
During a live meeting I suggested that mailing list posts be turned into web pages:
(from the transcript)
what if we make the mailing list where a
condition of joining
is you give permission for anything you
to be turned into a web page
we’ll give a list archive you kind of
have to do that
well yeah but i’m saying that’s a really
good idea okay
and put onto the webpage and this way it
could be
messy and then
moderate ahead into something everybody
easily access
something like that would work yeah okay
i can i can offline provide a couple of
examples of places to do things like

So while I got encouragement to do this, my idea on how needs some refinement. 
From an email  exchange:

Carl z! Zwanzig
Dec 2, 2020, 12:46 PM (4 days ago)
to me, John
On 12/1/2020 1:33 AM, Virtual ConCon wrote:
> When you invite people, just mention that what they write may be
> edited/summarized/mangled to become posts on the main site. Idea is to have
> info accessible and cut out the noise/fluff.
It will be good to ask people before using their writings (and, of course,
to attribute the source). A blanket "we might edit your words and use them
elsewhere" can definitely have a chilling effect on discussion; I can think
of a couple of people who would not participate because of that.
If the list archive is publicly searchable and indexed by google/et al,
excerpting may not be necessary; a great many Internet mailing lists operate
that way. Another option is to set up a user-editable wiki and ask list
members to put their writings there (e.g. the ffmpeg-users list has both).
Virtual ConCon
Dec 2, 2020, 1:44 PM (4 days ago)
Sigh. Ted Nelson had the solution years ago. Can we continue this conversation on the mailing list?
Carl z! Zwanzig
Dec 2, 2020, 1:52 PM (4 days ago)
Sure, I don't must move things to more public spaces without asking, either.

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