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Virtual Convention Convention is for the exchange of ideas on running a virtual convention. Hardware and software tools, legal issues, logistics issues, etc. See for a list of suggested topics. un-useful spam, things wildly off topic will be moderated with extreme prejudice.
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  • #Virtual_Con_Con_Issues Issues and suggestions related to VCC, website, mailing list, etc. 3 topics
  • #Techno-Management How do you manage resources, people, communication, and process? What happens when you try to go hybrid? 2 topics
  • #4_Events_and_News Upcoming events and news issues that affect Virtual Cons. This can include narrow politics such as section 230 rulings. 2 topics
  • #Disability_Access Website accessibility, Colors, Screen Reader, Video Conferencing, Blind, Deaf, Alternate input 2 topics
  • #Video-Conferencing Zoom, Teams, Meet, Jitsu, Webex, etc 2 topics
  • #1_No_Tag_Is_Appropriate 1 topics
  • #Ticketing selling access to events and post event recordings 1 topics
  • #Orgs_and_Info Conrunner Organizations, Websites, Books, etc 1 topics
  • #Hardware Cameras, Mics, Keyboard controllers, Lights, etc 1 topics
  • #Post_Convention_Access Posting Talks, Chatlog, Paid Access, Piracy, etc. 1 topics

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