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Roland Dietiker

Hi Lyle
I have also the older Version of the manuals for the HP12060A Version, but the Manual for the 12060B supersedes the 12060A Manual. If you need the older also, let me know.

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Fortunately, I was able to obtain the manuals from a friend for the 12060A and 12062A boards (I have two of each). They are "A" Series boards - very different from the M, E, F boards :)

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Shameless plug, if you need the ADC for your board I have a new
technology replacement in stock. Also I think blank boards. Might also
able to get my partner to give his program to test the board using a
21MX-E and an external power supply. It’s a binary one that must be
meted in by hand but we might be able to punch it on paper tape, if I can remember how to do it.

Also I think you’ll find it is 8 channels of differential or 16
channels of single ended.


Stephen Hanselman
Datagate Systems, LLC
On Oct 13, 2019, at 16:10, CuriousMarc <@CuriousMarc> wrote:

Could not find any mention of the 12060A. Is this an HP 1000
interface card? Would this have anything to do with the 8 channel
analog A/D card HP 91000A? Of which I own one.

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