An Introduction - Ed Sharpe and SMECC Museum Project

Ed Sharpe

An Introduction - Ed Sharpe and  SMECC Museum Project

Some  HP  Stuff  about  me...

-Life long  love of  HP  stuff

- URGENT NEEDS!--   2883 Disc  Drive   and  GE  Termiinet  with HP paint job and tractor  feed ... alternate   drives what  would look ok  but  bit  work as  the missing  master  drive on our  2000 are.... 2884  2888  or  itel add on 20 or  40 meg   to an IBM system  which is   physically appearance wise   like a 2885 HP drive. PLEASE DROP ME  A NOTE

-NEED HP-30000 SERIES II or III   or  even a  CX or pre CX

-Was  CEO of  Computer Exchange Inc  of  Phoenix AZ- Main background  HP-2000 Timeshare systems  HP-3000   Some  HP-1000 

-Our  business was also HP Personal  Computers and  supported all things HP offered in the Personal computer and printer  line. We  joke that  ll we  are nd own  was  provided by Laser printer  sales in those early days!

-SMECC MUSEUM   (see  for our horribly out  of date  website)  was  started  in 1800 sq  feet  next  to the  computer business In Phoenix AZ.   Since  my  retirement  eons  ago  for the  computer business it  has  existed in a stand alone  building in downtown Glendale AZ

-What  do  we  need?   A  SERIES II HP-3000  or  a SERIES III  are  the  top  areas   other   things are  (18  related    parts  to back up our 918.  and - - our   918 is missing  it's front  bezel which I suppose  was  plastic?  anyone have one  from a  system they have  scrapped?......  

-Always  looking   for  any  thing  related  to HP-2000 timeshare  systems and  documented history of  their  use in the educational system.

-Our  email couryhouse@...

-Drop us  a  line! Hopefully  we have  something of knowledge  to add  to  things here.