9825 Interface Cables

Jack Rubin

I have several surplus 9825 interface cables for sale - $15 each, plus shipping from Chicago, IL USA.

98032A -16 bit I/O - 9885 interface
98034A Revised HP-IB
98034B HP-IB
98036A RS232C I/O Option 001 Modem


Martin Hepperle

I am hijacking your thread:

I am looking for such interfaces (especially a Serial RS232C I/F), but if possible in Europe or even Germany to keep shipping costs reasonable in relation to the interface (just published a classified on the HP Calculator Museum web site).
I would also like to acquire a Matrix ROM.

So: if someone in Europe has something to offer...

If the local market fails I will fall back to the global solution.


Achim Buerger

maybe I have the spares you need. I'll lcheck that when I'm home in Ratingen/DE on saturday.
Greetings from Hamburg,


I am interested in the serial interface if you still have it. I'll be in Chicago on the week-end of Oct. 19th if you happen to be there, or you can ship (we are actually arriving on the evening of the 17th). Same hotel as last time :-)

Jack Rubin


It's yours. We should be able to connect while you're in Chicago. 

Jack Rubin

98032A and 98036A are claimed.