98547A Video Board (not working) for S9000/300 and HP7958A Processor Board Available. #VintageHPComputers

Martin Trusler

Hello - Is anyone interested in having a model 98547A high-resolution video board for spare parts or for repair? This board used Topcat processors for 1024x768 resolution and 8-bit color depth. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. There is some discoloration on the heat sinks, which might indicate that the Topcats are burnt out but maybe there's a less drastic fault that someone more skilled than I could fix. The only part missing is the metal plate that secures the board into the system unit.  It's free if anyone wants it - just the cost of shipping from the UK.
I also have the processor board from a dead HP7958A disc drive. This probably works - at least it responded to HP-IB commands. HP part number 07957-69010 A2936, if I'm reading the right label. Again free except for shipping.

Contact me off list if you're interested: martin.trusler@...