BASIC PLUS for Series 200/300 Computers #VintageHPComputers


I just have written the following message for the HP Caculator Museum's forum, but I think it might even fit better here, since this group is dedicated to the bigger machines ( series 200/300).

BASIC PLUS is an add-on library which allows to easily add "modern" controls like buttons and menus to your BASIC program ( workstation BASIC version 6).

At the Australian HP-Museum site, the older version of this library is available, order number E2160A.
There is a better version E2161A that supports more controls.
Documentation for that enhanced version can easily be found ( manuals on Ebay), but not the software itself.

Has anyone got the disks and is ready to share them? I am ready to help, making copies, creating appropriate file formats for sharing etc..

Important note: I am talking about the "workstation (WS) version" of BASIC and BASIC PLUS. WS BASIC is a standalone operating system. There is also a BASIC / UX and the suitable BASIC PLUS /UX which runs under HP-UNIX only. They are not compatible with BASIC as an operating system, and I am not interested in these.