HP 1000, L series, many parts including Power Supply, available for cost of shipping. #VintageHPComputers


Here is what I posted on cctech, two weeks ago, with almost no interest shown.
Hope, here, this could be of interest for someone.
I hate to trash Vintage HP computers   :-((

All boards are corroded, from batteries leak.
May be some can be saved ?

I am offering :

12002 B      XL Ctrl   512 Kb      51x0-013      x = ?    Pictures available
12001 C CPU 12001-80001 Has the 1AB5-6001 "HP SoS processor" with Two EPROM ( 12001-80006 and 80007 ) Any interest in imaging these ? BUT, ** I ** cannot do it ! A ser Qty TWO 12005-60010 Has the 1AF5-6001 "HP SoS processor" HP_IB 12009-6x00 x=? with 1AA6-6004 and 1AC5-6001 "HP SoS processor" 12021A Cntrl R 12021-60001 has the 3 Eprom and Nec P16175-12 / Intel D8291A / ? FD1791A Eprom : 2116, white ceramic, labeled : 5180 - 0144, 0137, 0136 ( U43, U53, U63 ) Any interest in imaging these ? BUT, ** I ** cannot do it ! Backplane 2 column, 4 row .... a slight scrubbing may be enough but not warrented. Card Cage, if needed : Fine Power supply seems in great condition. Will check more closely, if needed. Battery board !!!!! Only the relays and buzzer can be saved ! ( Joke ) Case ?? Who would like a case ?? ( L series, rack mount ) ;-) TERMS : I live in France ( shipping cost ..... ) Small item ... free Medium items ( cards ) ..... shipping cost Large items .... shipping cost plus a fee for packing material and my time. Will wait a full week, to see if BOARDS are asked for, before making PARTS available.



Boards have been claimed.
Still available :
Card Cage
Case / front panel ??
And more important : the Power Supply that looks in (very) good shape.