Looking for a key button for a 9815A #VintageHPComputers


Hi all
  I recently got a 9815A on eBay and it was working except that some of the keys were sticky. So I disassembled the keyboard (there are a LOT of little screws in there...) and cleaned all the keys carefully. But not carefully enough.. I lost the "C" key (one of the little lettered ones from the left side of the keyboard). I looked everywhere (even in the sink trap) and I can't find it.
  I'm wondering if any of you might have a spare key top that I could buy - or perhaps a keyboard that is otherwise junk that I could get the key from. My alternative is to try to scan one of the others and 3-d print it. Might any of you be able to help out a deeply repentant formerly-careless person?