FS: HP 9826


Before I place it on the dreaded auction site, anyone interested in a working HP 9826A ?

I'm in theĀ  Netherlands near Groningen.
Please react off-list.



Looks as if Rik needs to recover space for better things :-)

Same for me.

I have a non-working 9845B to give away. Not complete (tube is broken) + needs some repair (capacitor in line filter is blown, PSU isn't working properly) and (as most 9845) needs system firmware replacement (ROM board), so it goes away for free. I currently do not have the time to do the fixes, but will help with advice. I am located in Berlin, Germany, shipping is possible. As with Rik's offer, please contact me off-list. If there is no interest in this group it probably goes to same dreaded auction site.