Memories of EEs and MEs

Martin Hepperle

Hi all,

just as a heads up for all depressed MEs: as an outsider I am under the impression that the work of the hardware designers and mechanical engineers was also highly valued at HP.

I always enjoy reading about the mechanical design and packaging of HP products in the HP Journal. Most articles also have a section about the mechanical design or manufacturing.

In fact, the design of HP devices (from calculators over PCs to printers) was always outstanding and (in most cases) pleasing. A good design must combine form and function, which is not easy to accomplish.  There are many so called "designer" things on the market which are extremely poor designs.

Look at the HP-HIL mouse (not as ergonomic as it could be, but a unique style which could go into an art museum) or the HIL keyboards with their soft but still clear response which I miss today. The pocket calculators are legend and their keyboards unsurpassed due to their clever mechanical design. Or the HP Vectra PC line, or ...