Re: HP9830A printer communication protocol?

Lee A. White

Brent Hilpert's outstanding web pages are still available on the WayBack Machine and the schematics are still there too, but some of the resource sub pages are not included which means the binary code and source files for the projects and some other items are not available. It would be great if they could be made available some where again.

From: Jack Rubin
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2018 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: [VintHPcom] HP9830A printer communication protocol?

Brent Hilpert did a lot of work with his 9830, including printer, terminal and mass storage devices using simple interfaces and a Raspberry Pi. I’ve emailed him asking permission to share his pages with this group but haven’t heard back yet. You might have some luck using the WayBack Machine.




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Sent: Thursday, August 9, 2018 6:57 PM
Subject: Re: [VintHPcom] HP9830A printer communication protocol?


Thanks for the clarification.  I got my 9830 for free, but it had a fault in the display.  Using the Tony Duel manuals, I found the bad chip and replaced it with a 74LS part.  I think I'll try decoding the printer output and just display it to a monitor.  Is it just ttl signaling?

My unit has one major cosmetic fault: The front plastic bezel that goes all around the keyboard is broken into two pieces.  I can tell the previous owner glued it, and it broke again.  Its an ugly spot on an otherwise nice machine.

-Mark Sherman

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