Re: Some HP CPD history - from one point of view


Wow. You write the true foreword to "The HP Way" which was missing in the original publication :-)

Some of the principles in fact have made their way into today's companies.

Too bad the "inhouse" ROMs for the 9845 are lost. Though with today's knowledge you can write new ones if you like. I wrote some kind of monitor program for the 9845 which utilizes unused space in the system test ROM, so that you have some kind of interactive shell with a prompt, and you can display/alter memory, load/save/start data or machine language programs to/from any memory block, launch system tests and so on, even can be used as a boot loader when one of the keys is latched during start-up, so you may load some other program or OS from tape or disk directly into system RAM and jump to an execution address to hand over control, instead of starting into BASIC, or use a remote terminal connection via HP-IB to control input and output from outside, can be pretty useful if display and/or keyboard is dysfunctional.


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