Re: Found - 9845 Light Pen


Wow, great story, Lee. Thanks for sharing it, and for your great work. Besides being functionally appropriate, the design layout of the 9845 resonates with something in the unconscious, like a  first glimpse of an emerging archetype. Of all the computers of that era, the 9845 *looks like* what it should be. Accomplished through the marriage of imagination and solid engineering.

I live in a town (Santa Fe, NM) that, for as long as I've been here. celebrates the artist and the creative process. While that is a good thing, their definitions of "artist" and "creative process" are very narrow, confined almost exclusively to the classical visual arts; painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc. What consistently passes by them unappreciated is the creation of entirely new classes of objects as they emerge and find their place in our world. To me, this is where the *real* creativity exists. It's too bad our culture does not choose its heroes from this type of person.

I will arrange with François for the delivery of the pen to him.

I have been informed off-list that the light pen is a rare bird and I should price it appropriately. I would appreciate some input.

I am on a "glide-path" into retirement, and will most likely be relocating to a smaller residence at some point. My son, who one day be left with all of this stuff I've collected, has made it very clear that he doesn't want to deal with it, and I need to pare it down. And so I am using this process to compact not only my inventory, but also my electronics test bench, which is populated almost entirely by instruments made prior to 1990. While they are all functionally superb, best-in-class at the time, some of them need to be replaced with modern, more compact equivalents. That's what I'll be using the funds for.


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