Re: Unobtanium obtained!

Jack Rubin

Marc (and everyone else),

Yes, we live in exciting times! :>)

I'm about to rebuild my HP85 tape drive capstans for DC100 tapes; I don't have the resources for the full DC2000 conversion. Hopefully, DC100 cassettes with new belts will be a little more robust but I just got my plastibands yesterday and I have the same concerns that you do though I've yet to actually crack a cassette and try one. If nothing else, at least the cassettes will be more colorful with bright pink and green drive belts. I'll be looking forward to hearing about your results.

From Rik's early results, it seems that rebuilding the drives for the 9825 drives will be a bit more challenging to retrofit for DC2000 tapes so hopefully the DC100 fix will provide at least an interim solution.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the Bay area though I used to visit Larry on business trips to the coast. I live near Chicago and got a brief chance to say hello to you at VCF-Midwest last year though you were probably too deep in Jay West's system to remember! I'm planning a return to VCF-West later this year so we should be able to meet then.


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