Re: Unobtanium obtained!


On Feb 3, 2017, at 9:22 PM, Jack Rubin <j@...> wrote:

Who is best qualified to attempt to read these tapes and hopefully image the data on them?

I believe a 9875 should be useable to read the data off these tapes, and I think, also to create new tapes.  There are commands RF (read file), RR (read record), WF (write file), and WR (write record) that allows the transfer of arbitrary data words.  Sounds like incentive for me to get to figuring out the issue with my 9875 next so I can test it.

With a suitable binary program, it may be possible for a 85 A/B to also image these tapes if the tape controller uses the same low level encoding format, but I don’t know the answer to this.

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