Unobtanium obtained!

Jack Rubin

 I figure this is worth a new message topic. Today, I finally relocated 3 boxes of HP 80 series and 9825 items that got lost in storage during a move nearly 10 years ago. I haven't even gotten to the 85/87 stuff yet, but the 9825 box included a few data cartridges - three with user data and then:

** 09825-90035 - 9825A System Test Cartridge **

** 09885-90035 - 9825A/B 9885 System Tape Cartridge **

Also included was a 98015-66501 disk alignment fixture for the 9885 drives and a couple of 98032-085 disk interface cables.

I'm pretty sure I got all this stuff from Larry Lehman when he was shutting down Crisis Computers but at the time I was much more interested in the 2100 boxes and just sort of scooped these things up without paying much attention. Until I found them this afternoon, I didn't even remember getting them.

The tapes have been in cool, dry storage since I got them - I've never tried to use them and I certainly won't now!

Who is best qualified to attempt to read these tapes and hopefully image the data on them? I'll pose the same question directly to Al Kossow and Chuck Guzis but if the expertise is here, please let me know.


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