9825 software availablity and more tape drive questions

Jack Rubin

My 9825T seems to be working well as a 9825B even though the A25 board isn't fully functional. I've been able to enter and run programs and I can print to an attached 9866B printer. At this point, it seems that running system diagnostics would be very helpful so I'm looking next at repairing the tape drive and restoring some 3M DC100A tape cartridges with plastibands to allow some mass storage. 

Is there a collection of 9825 software available, hopefully including images of the System Test and/or the Extended Test tapes?

I was hoping to find some sort of standalone DC100A compatible drive that could be used with a desktop PC to write images to tape for use in 98XX machines but it seems that all the applications for these drives are integral to HP gear with the same drive problems! Is there a known DC100A-compatible tape drive?

Failing a non-HP application, I have a few HP 2644 terminals with dual drives that should be able to do stand-alone tape copies, once I've restored their drives and found reliable media.

Lots of chickens and no eggs (or maybe lots of eggs and no chickens). 

Maybe it's time to start wire-wrapping a copy of Paul's 98228 ROM but that still begs the question of software availability.


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