Re: HP 9866A/B printer cable connector identification?


Hi Jack,


The male connector on my 9866A/B interface cable is stamped “BURNDY BT06E14-19P AA”


I looked at the Burndy web site, and although the company is still in business, it doesn’t appear that they make this style connector any more.


What I did find is an identical looking connector from Amphenol. It’s a PT06E-14-19P. It’s available from Mouser for $25.87 in a quantity of one.


Good luck!



From: <> On Behalf Of Jack Rubin
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2021 2:52 PM
Subject: [VintHPcom] HP 9866A/B printer cable connector identification?


Has anyone come up with a part number or cross reference for the 19-pin circular connector that mates with the connector on the back of the 9866 thermal printer?


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