Re: HP 9845 repairs

Jack Rubin


Unfortunately, my situation is similar to yours - my machine was one of three that had been used for research and product development by an audio products manufacturer. I received an Option 100 machine 9845B, an Option 200 9845B (apparently a 9845T, though I'm still not sure how to verify that) - the machine that I now have running - and an 9845C.

Nothing quite matched up - the Option 100 machine had no power supply, the Option 200 machine had a "standard" (Option 100) power supply and the 9845C had the correct Option 200 supply. The only monitor I received was a 98780. I've ended up transplanting the 9845C power supply into the 9845T and re-capping the Option 100 PSU and putting it (back?) into the Option 100 machine.

Net result of all this swapping is that I also have a clean 9845C with no power supply or monitor, an Option 100 9845B with no monitor, and a complete, functional (for now) 9845T with correct power supply and monitor.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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