HP 9845 repairs

Jack Rubin

I have two immediate problems to deal with on my "new" 9845's - replacing the input line filter, and replacing the Rifa X capacitors. Both are shown in the photo section of the forum.

The Rifa caps are .6uF; the closest value that Mouser shows as in stock is a  WIMA poly film cap (MKX2AW41006D00KSSD) rated at 1uF - any reason this shouldn't be OK?

I'm at a loss for the inlet filter - it's easy to find equivalent items but nothing in the correct form factor to fit the restricted space in the rear heat sink. Worst case, I guess I could try to open the sealed case but that would be a really ugly, messy job and I'm not sure what kind of goop is enclosed in the can.

Has anyone else had to deal with this component? Any thoughts?


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