Re: Can anyone make use of a 9135A ?

Colin Eby

Hi Adrian, 

Bletchley is on the main Euston line to Birmingham.  There’s also that  oddball Southern train that get from Clapham Junction — although, as Adrian says, it's much less frequent, and generally a slower train.  Bletchley is about 50-70 minutes from Euston on faster services. 

There are also a few Londoners with cars who go up — though I think we’re all North London based.  And we’re not very good about car-pooling.  I’m in Camden Town for instance.  And since I’m close enough to Euston to walk, I usually don’t drive it. The train is actually much faster — unless I’m trying to lug gear. 

In any case, the National Museum of Computing, like all similar institutions, tries to accomodate volunteer’s differening circumstances.  There are number of volunteers who are too remote to come regularly, so they tend to store up jobs, and then do some stuff off site too. If you’re interested in getting involved I’d be happy to forward your details to the volunteering coordinator, and we’ll see if we can make this work for you.  Drop me a direct message anytime you like

There’s certainly no shortage of stuff to be done, either from an engineering perspective, or just from a general keeping the lights on perspective.   

As Dave says, it takes people to make it work and stay involved. 

Kind regards, 
Colin Eby

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Adrian , I discovered that there is a service with only 1 change of train that is easy to get to , Croydon to Clapham Junction and from there to Bletchley -- not many services in a day though or its home by the scenic route


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On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 6:31 PM Brian via <> wrote:
Hi Adrian , I have my over 60's travel pass but it doesnt help once I go outside of the south London area , not sure how to get to Bletchley though , I'll have a look and see if it looks possible .

TNMOC website should have plenty of information (for anyone else here who's never been - there are multiple museums on the site but the best known are Bletchley Park itself with exhibits related to Alan Turing and the Enigma codebreaking, and TNMOC which covers the computing industry) but it's really easy. Bletchley is a branch line out of Milton Keynes which is itself a major stop on the London Euston to Birmingham line. 

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