Cataract Surgery

Paul Birkel

I am very pleased to report that I successfully performed my very first cataract extraction on an HP2645A. 


Before surgery:



For the specimen jar:



All achieved with a moderate-length stiff knife and a lot of care.  Overall a very stiff (and quite adherent) rubbery texture.  Very friable at the edges under the tape.  The surface that was against the WRT remains a slightly bit gooey-liquid.  Cleaned up well with mineral spirits and lots of rubbing with rags.


After reseating all of the boards and twisting the yoke slightly to re-establish horizontal (I had nudged it slightly during disassembly) I was able to get all of the behaviors that I’d expect from the keyboard :->.  It’s my first (and only) block-mode terminal so it’s quite interesting to work with, although the appearance of the case is quite sad.  (Both tape drives look OK excepting, of course, the capstans.)  At least the keyboard is in quite excellent condition, including the often-missing cover for the serial line settings.


Q:  Should I expect the left-margin of the display to be so wide?  That doesn’t appear to have been the case originally.  Not sure what I might have nudged to cause the discrepancy.  (Those are full 80-char lines at the bottom.)



(I haven’t been able to remember where I stored my roll of 3M double-sided silicone “separation tape” for use in reattaching the face plate and sealing the edges, so for the moment you’re seeing the CRT directly.)



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