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Paul Birkel

Thank you for the references Roland.  I’ve tried searching for some examples – photos, documentation – online (e.g., hpmuseum) since attachments aren’t supported here.  No luck so far :-<.


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For 19-inch EIA cabinet :

Original Accessories for 7942, 7945 and 795x size :  19500B Rack mount kit as shown on the picture below.

Original Accessories for 796x size :  19560B Rack mount kit and HP12769C Rack rails



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What does a “genuine” HP rack shelf look like?  Curious …


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Where are you?

I could sent  one from switzerland….


If you are interested, let us mail directly : roland.dietiker@...




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Hi All, looking for a hp rack shelf to hold my drive,i have some other options but would prefer the real deal  , as i am building a rack for my 1000 to display and clean up my mess.

See attached pic


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