Re: 9825A Troubleshooting #VintageHPComputers #HP9825




I uploaded a slightly optimized gerber, you’re free to use it non-commercial 😉




Van: <> Namens Rhys Lowry
Verzonden: donderdag 4 maart 2021 19:15
Onderwerp: Re: [VintHPcom] 9825A Troubleshooting #HP9825 #VintageHPComputers


I just ordered new filter caps as well as a new 2N4398. I'll let you know if that fixes things or if I need any more help. I'll make sure to test it safely this time.

Rik, is your crowbar circuit available online in a Gerber file or some CAD file? I'd definitely like to implement that, although I see in the other thread that you haven't put together a reference build as of a month or so ago. Any updates on that?

Thanks for all of the help.


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