Re: hp 2100A housing wanted


Hello Dave,
reading the posts on the gamma spectroscopy group occasionally, I noticed already that you are active in this area also. Did not realize though that you own a Nicolet 1170..  ;-) . There is a picture from my Nicolet 1072 in my Photo folder now. Without the intent to divert this thread into a Nicolet discussion: this unit is complete, but requires a PDP-8 to really wake it up. And since I never got my hands on one of these and likely never will, the probability is high that it will remain useless. No way to power it up with my PiDP-11/70, because it lacks the digital parallel ports. I do not have any detailed documentation either, so connecting it by re-engineering the interface would likely be a forever-job. If you want to have it, I would be willing to part with it and swap it in for something more useful for me. It would have to make its way across the pond though, which likely would be an expensive venture, but there might be ways...
The reason why I would part with this unit (even though it is a very rare item) is that I like to see my equipment fulfilling its initially intended purpose. This includes to recreate, as good as I can, the setup and environment an instrument was initially built for and working under (see my initial post).

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