Re: RS232 to LAN converter

Glen Slick

On Tue, Mar 2, 2021 at 1:17 AM Achim Buerger <> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm thinking about aquiring a multiport RS232 to LAN converter to connect my various HP9000 and HP1000 with a PC-based HP terminal emulation (QCterm).
Has anyone experience with such devices and can recommend one?
I have some Digi PortServer models, including the early PortServer 16,
and somewhat newer PortServer TS 4 and TS 8 models.

I normally use them with a Telnet connection with no driver installed
with a terminal emulator (Kermit 95 version 2.1.3) which has built-in
Telnet support. That works great with systems that support DEC VT100
style terminals.

In addition to Telnet connections without a driver, the PortServer
models can be used with a "RealPort" driver. I haven't tried
installing and using that yet with an HP 700 terminal emulator such as
QCterm. I should give that a try.

At least in the US various models of Digi PortServers can be picked up
at a reasonable deal if you are patient. Some of the old models need a
5-pin power supply so make sure you get a matching power supply for

I also have some Avocent / Equinox ESP 4 MI Ethernet serial port
servers that I picked up very cheap on eBay. Those work fine through a
Telnet connection without any driver installed. I'd have to go looking
for a driver for those to try. They might have less current support
that the Digi products do.

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