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Paul Birkel

Chris:  See new item #184689569507 on eBay.  12531-80025 is the Teleprinter (HS) Terminal Interface that (IMO) you will want.  The price is more-or-less reasonable, IMO.  It looks to be in fair condition; no one has grabbed the XTAL but the finger contacts do have some corrosion :-<.  I’ve bought from that vendor previously, without any issues.  I would try a lower Best Offer and see what it gets you :->.  Good luck.


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Many thanks first to all of you for your detailed reply! I appreciate that a lot since I am a newbie with hp computers of that era. It might be interesting for you why I started this venture at all even though it looks pretty desperate with only a couple of PCAs in my hands. I have a similar project with a hp3720A Spectrum display for my hp3721A Correlator. The 3720A is impossible to find, but by chance I found a set of partially scavenged PCAs. It would have been a shame not to revive these! In the meantime, all boards are up and running and the last step will be to make a custom plug in for a hp141T.
I have a couple of vintage hp test systems in my lab, like for example the 8064A/65A Real Time Audio Spectrum Analyzer, the 3040A Network Analyzer System or the 3045A Spectrum Analyzer system, which at that time were connected to computers like the 2100A. It would be awesome to run these instruments in a contemporary environment!

I actually have one 5060-8331 core memory stack, just did not put it on the list. Judging from the dust in the edge connectors, it looks like the original configuration was

HP 02100-60012            B-1410-22         Slot A101          X-Y Driver Switch

5060-8331 A102

Missing Core Stack /Sense Amplifier in slot A103

HP 02100-60012            B-1152-22         Slot A104          X-Y Driver Switch

HP 02100-80009            A-1049-22         Slot A105          Inhibit Driver (presume actually 60009)

HP 02100-60010            A-1046-22         Slot A106          Inhibit Driver Load

HP 02100-60011            D-1??2-22         Slot A107          Data Control

HP 02100-80009            A-1049-22         Slot A108          Inhibit Driver (presume actually 60009)

HP 02100-60012            B-1152-22         Slot A109          X-Y Driver Switch

Missing Core Stack /Sense Amplifier in slot A110

Missing Core Stack /Sense Amplifier in slot A111

HP 02100-60012            B-1410-22         Slot A112          X-Y Driver Switch

The missing over the top connectors seem to be least problematic, at least when I would build the guts in a custom housing and the looks are not original anyway. I could wire-wrap the hard connectors if I would not find them. I remember that I saw one of the hard connector pairs some months on on eB. but did not buy, not knowing that I soon would hold the mating PCAs in my hands. 
The card cage is missing but all edge connectors (mounted to the aluminum rails) are there. The bigger problems seems to be to get an original cabinet, What a bummer that I did not start this venture earlier. Anyway...
Also, it is quite sure that I would need an original SMPS since there does not seem to be much space for off-the-shelf power supplies with sufficient oomph. Thanks for the links, Paul and Rik, now I see how compact it thingy is. Looks like almost every cubic inch of space is used!
So, it looks like the first milestone is set: find the missing components. If anybody stumbles over

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