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Paul Birkel

What is the title and PN of the “system manual” Chris?  Go to, search for “2100”, and check what you have in-hand against what has already been scanned & published there.  WRT core memory, there’s more involved to getting 8K working than one “card” … seven boards are required, just one of which is the core stack / sense amplifier (PN 5060-8324 or 5060-8331).


Exactly what set of 2100A “cards” do you have in-hand?  Let’s see whether it is sufficiently complete before you get to far …


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I recently bought a set of 2100A cards, a backplane harness and a System Manual (1975) from a local seller. The plan is to revive the system even though it is missing the housing and PS (it was scrapped because of the metals, no comment about that :-( ...). I was planning to make a custom front panel, add a power supply and maybe buy some more memory (I have only one 8k-word card) and additional I/O cards later.
Two questions at this point:
- Before I get too deeply into recreating the missing peripherial components and housing: is there anybody out there who has an empty 2100A enclosure sitting around he/she would probably part with? Not necessary to get the PS because I am planning to drive the whole thing with a high efficiency SMPS anyway. Any offers are very welcome!
- Would there be a demand to scan the System Manual and put it in the files section? This is a huge book (about 3" thick) and it would take a while to scan, but I'd be happy to take up the job if there is some use for it.

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