Re: HP 1310A Display

Paul Birkel



The documentation (actually for the 1310B) seems to indicate that this was a standard configuration.  See the bottom of Figure 1-2, Table 1-3 Option 001, and then in Section 1-20 the “Rack mount slide kit, HP Stock No. 01310-68704”.  Hazard protections are presumably present through the treating the entire rack as the equivalent to the table-top shell.  Agree that the HV connection to the CRT in non-ideal, among other areas of the circuitry.  Caveat emptor!  Needs the traditional sticker applied to the 19” rack: “No User Serviceable Parts Inside” :->.


I’d transport it face down in a well-padded personal “ground transport”.  But it’s located nowhere near me.  I’m surprised that they don’t list local-pickup as an option.


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thanks for the hint. But the display is in no good shape: seemingly the upper and lower housing and the stand for normal landscape orientation are missing. Operating the display without housing could be dangerous (high voltage exposed). Moreover, how would one ship this open beast?


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