HP 1310A Display

Paul Birkel

Coming up on eBay today: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-1310A-Display-19-x24-for-Mainframe-Racks/353381630171


Desk-top mounting described at: http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=756


And thanks to the HP Museum for the manual:  01310-90908_1310B_OperatingAndServiceManual_134pages_Nov81.pdf


Talk about big!  Rack mounted in portrait orientation.  X/Y/Z BNC inputs.  Electrostatic deflection.  P31 phosphor.


Actual viewing area is 11x15” in a frame that is 16.6 x 19.5”.  When rack-mounted with flanges that becomes 18.87 x 21” (12U).



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