Re: 9815

Jack Rubin


OK, I'll admit to being crusty (and proud of it!), but that's beside the point. 

It seems pretty clear that there are "good guy" VCs, from Georges Doriot and Arthur Rock all the way down to your friends at Y-Combinator, but there is also a species of "vulture capitalists" who are driven by greed, and are willing to slash and burn their way to revenues by any means. They destroy people and companies without regret. I'm not happy with a start-up business plan that includes an exit strategy for the founders.

I won't speak for Steve, but a large part of my fondness for HP goes back to its being engineering driven, with a focus on product, while simultaneously recognizing that without profit there is nothing at all - no product, no customers, no entity. I would argue the genius of Bill and Dave was their ability to balance on that razor edge for a very long time. I take the fact that they had fun doing it as a measure of their success.


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