Re: Fasteners for HP rack mounting

Jack Rubin

The fasteners I'm looking for are used to attach component faceplates to the front of the rack. What Guy has described above are the rack rails and attaching bolts and clamps (though HP specs the bolts as 1/4-20 in US measure; I'm guessing 1/4 BSW must be pretty close if the threads mate). 

Here's a photo of the screw/cup washer/nylon washer system used on the front panels - the top row shows the original HP hardware, below is what I have been able to source to date. Not shown are the screw heads - the HP hardware is pozidriv, the new hardware is standard Philips head. I can't find US thread sizes with pozidriv heads, so I'll settle for the Philips. No problem with the stainless steel cup washer but the new nylon washers are too big. HP nylon washers are .565" OD, .218" ID and .09" thick. The new ones are .575" OD, .201" ID and .155" thick.


Here's a detail of the screws in place on an older style rack:


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