Re: Help with HP-150 and 9133H #VintageHPComputers


I am using MS DOD 3.2

ROM Versions:

1818-3296 2333
1818-3295 2333
1818-3294 2333
1818-2393 2333
1818-3292 2333

Is there some document that correlates rom versions with hardware compatibility?

My Hard drive jumper on the board was set to 256 max sector size when I got it so I left it there. It is also set to 256 in DEV_CONFIG.
I will change it to 1024 and re format to see if there is any change.

I have now disconnected the 9121 completely but P.A.M. still just hangs looking for installed applications on drive B: unless there is a formatted disk in drive B:
Then it reads the disk just fine until i eject it. When i re-insert the same known good disk in drive B: it hangs the computer until re-boot. Then it will read from drive B: again.

Maybe a faulty Floppy Drive?  are replacements still available?

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