Help with HP-150 and 9133H #VintageHPComputers


This is my first post here and I am new to  I have attempted to search for a solution here before asking a stupid question.

I have an HP-150 with a 9121 Dual Floppy Drive which is working just fine.  I recently purchased a 9133H Drive.

The 9133 seems to work properly.
Setting Configuration 0 and Address 9 allows me to boot from the floppy, format the hard disk, and install the system.
Then setting Address 0 allows me to boot from the Hard Disk (A:) and install the applications onto it from the DOS Application Disk in drive B:

When I reboot after this, P.A.M. hangs "Searching for installed applications on drive B:" unless there is a formatted disk in drive B:.
If i then swap the disk in drive B with another, it will not be recognized until i reboot.  Then it works ok until I try to read another disk.

If I place the 9121 back in the HP-IB chain and disable the B: drive in device config everything seems to work fine again.

I have the following config:

A:   9133 Hard Disk       Address 0    Drive 0
B:   9133 Floppy            Address 0    Drive 1

C:   9121 Floppy 0        Address 2    Drive 0
D:   9121 Floppy 1        Address 2    Drive 1

Everything else is set to "No Device".

Thanks in advance for your help!


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