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François Lanciault

I should received two of these board in the next few days. I ordered them for my NeXT computers. The NeXT is also quite picky about its SCSI drive, but those boards are, for what I understand, configurable to mimic other drives. The NeXT community has done the job of finding the right config. So I just need to understand how to reconfigure (re-flash?) the boards.

Unfortunately I don’t have any HP-380 or 400 computers so I can’t directly help you. I know that version 6.0 have pros and cons compared to version 5.1 (which I ordered). The more you read the better I guess.


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Le 15 oct. 2020 à 06:15, Rik Bos <hp-fix@...> a écrit :

No, I never used one, but hp-ux 9.x is a bit picky about the drives it supports.

If the drive isn’t listed in drivestab it uses default parameters, but those don’t work for a lot of drives.

I tried to install an IBM 0661 which worked but the 0663 same family but a bigger generates errors also did the seagates and maxtors, I tried.

Hp-ux also doesn’t support drives bigger than 2.4GB, so there only one to discover: trial and error.

The 400 series supports more drive types, so maybe it’s the bootrom or the hardware that generates the errors.




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Onderwerp: [VintHPcom] SCSI hard drive emulator (#HP9000S300 #HP-UX)


I'm thinking of getting a SCSI hard drive emulator like this one to use with a model 380. I want to be sure that the card can be formatted as a bootable drive under HP-UX 9.1. Does anyone have experience in using these or anything similar? I saw there was some discussion in an earlier thread but I didn't see the answer to this point. Advice welcome!

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