Re: HP3000 987SX


On 9/24/20 11:02 AM, Ken Seefried wrote:
I've bought a few things from SVC on eBay.  This is my anecdata...YMMV. All of the items, I made an offer in the 50-75% of list range they took, including a bit of relatively bulky test gear.   The shipping was "high", for some values of high, but the items arrived in reasonable time and were well packaged.
You get what you pay for...far too many free/cheap shippers just grab whatever box they have laying around, some old bubble wrap/foam blocks/newspaper and toss the item in.  And it's not like the myriad of sellers I see shilling $20 items with $132 shipping.
I agree. My comments about SVC gouging on shipping aren't me being a cheap-ass...people who know me would laugh at that suggestion. ;) They regularly charge $40+ to ship a single CAMAC board, something I buy a lot of, and they flatly refuse to combine shipping.

All of this was in the past, though, at least two years ago; I've ignored their listings after a few screwings on my assumption that they'd be decent and put two boards in one box.


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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